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Newcastle Festival

Entries will be accepted on the forms provided subject to the following conditions:

1. Entries and stamped addressed envelope to be received by the Festival Secretary on or before 31st DECEMBER 2009 .

2. A separate Entry Form should be used for each class.

3. Competitors shall on the day of entry be bona fide members of the competing body with which they take part.

4. Competitors shall not take part with more than one team in each class. They may enter for either Class 1 or Class 3 but not both, and similarly, for either Class 2 or Class 4 but not both.

5. Teams should normally consist of four couples, except in Display Class.

6. Teams of three couples will be accepted if the Organising Committee are informed in advance.

7. In all classes where an age qualification is stated, the governing date shall be 31st December 2009.

8. For Classes 1 to 4
All dances are to be taken from R.S.C.D.S. Publications:
Choice of dance must be stated on the Entry Form at the time of entry.
Dances will normally be performed four times through.
Chosen dances
must show both setting and travelling steps.

9. The Organising Committee will decide the times at which Classes are to be taken; the order of competition will be decided by ballot.

10. Competitors who fail to appear in accordance with rule 9 will forfeit their right to compete.

11. The decision of the Adjudicator shall be final. The level of difficulty of the chosen dance will be taken into account in the assessment.

12. The Adjudicator will only place the first three competitors in each class and announce their marks. Marks and general comments will appear on Adjudication sheets of all competitors.

13. The Organising Committee may alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements
          for the Festival if deemed necessary or expedient.

14. Competitors should indicate the type of music to be used for their performance
(CD, tape, piano etc). If the services of the official accompanist are required for Classes 1–4 only this must be stated on the Entry Form.

15. All communications should be addressed to:   
John Cass (Festival Convenor)
34 Wenlock Drive, Preston Grange,
North Shields, NE29 9HD
Telephone (0191) 257 6882


In order to comply with regulations, it is necessary for us to inform participants and spectators that photography and video of children’s groups is restricted to parents and accredited group leaders. They may only photograph or video groups in which their own children are participating.  With respect to child protection, all participants and spectators are also asked to report anything suspicious immediately.

NB. Entry fee for spectators = £1.00p